Shiatsu Society (UK)

Explanation of Membership Categories 

We now have a pathway of Membership recognition (dependant on level of training and experience) from: 

Student Beginner (Yr 1 of training) 

Student Advanced (Yrs 2 & 3 of training) 

Member - MrSS (graduate to 5 years experience)  

Senior - SrSS (5-10 years experience)  

Fellow - FwSS (>10years experience) 

The reasons are as follows 

  • To be able to value and recognise experience.
  • For the public to be able to distinguish easily between a new graduate and an experienced practitioner.
  • To enable practitioners as they gain greater experience to increase their fees over time, recognised by their membership category.
  • To be aligned with other professions such as universities where Lecturers, Senior Lecturer and Fellow are widely recognised terms which indicate experience.

With the new categories, from 1st January 2019, all Members (Student Advanced, MrSS, SrSS & FwSS) will have automatic insurance provided by Shiatsu Society (UK) on condition their SSUK membership is up to date (Balens Ltd are our broker). This is identical to what some other professional bodies, such as BAcC (British Acupuncture Council), provide for their members; automatic professional indemnity insurance.  

For more information on insurance for those with multi-therapy policies please Click Here 

Associates of the Shiatsu Society are not recognised Shiatsu Practitioners, and as such will not be issued a Certificate of Recognition nor are they on the searchable public Register.

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