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In general the designation Member (MrSS), Senior Member (SrSS), or Fellow (FwSS) of the Shiatsu Society denotes the degree of experience.

Jane Prescott FwSS

HeartStar WholeBeing
The Wellness Lodge


About me: I support body-mind-spirit conscious people who nurture their wellbeing and recognise that a healthy lifestyle is a path of progress

Together we create profound shifts in your physical wellbeing, spiritual serenity, emotional peace & inspired outlook.

A Course Of Love Ch 8:15 "Think of your body now as the surface of your existence and look upon it."

What Clients Say

"Your treatment has helped me reframe the healing process as necessary and beautiful, not daunting and endless" Marcus

My experience is hard to put into words it was again more about light and transformation than actuality.
My session with you yesterday was mind blowing. I felt at once overwhelmed and released. It will take me time to process the enormity of what has just happened and maybe even longer to find a way of expressing it. Jan

“Another amazing session with Jane. Very informative and deeply relaxing. Very highly recommended. That warmth at the end is remarkable! Thank you.” Lorna

"I definitely felt the release transmitting down through my legs and feet, thereby leaving me, accompanied with a lightening in my head. It was as though the 'bad' was leaving." Sue

Nicola Ley: Shiatsu and the Light Body 2016, 2017 & 2018
Carola Beresford Cooke: Shiatsu for Joints 2017
Markus Heimpel: Intro to Trauma – Touching Vulnerability 2015
Rebecca Davies: Heart-Uterus Meridian 2014
Carola Beresford Cooke: Extraordinary Meridians 2013
Carola Beresford-Cooke: Meridian Massage 2012
British School of Shiatsu: Shiatsu Diploma 2011
Haruyoshi Ito: Sotai Balance and Health Movements 2010
A Course in Miracles Ministerial Certificate 2003
Liverpool School of Massage: BTEC Body Massage Diploma 1996
Usui System: Reiki I Nov 1995

Home visits: N

Hourly Rate: £50.00