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In general the designation Member (MrSS), Senior Member (SrSS), or Fellow (FwSS) of the Shiatsu Society denotes the degree of experience.

Sarah Churcher

The Centre for Integral Health
The Old School House
4 St Austin's Friars

01588 680496

About me: I offer shiatsu on tuesdays at The Centre For Integral Health. Offering support for Body Mind and Soul working together as one. Deeply relaxing sessions supporting you with all symptoms, whether emotional or physical.
(will update info more soon).

Home visits: N

Clare Wratten

07438 653038

Home visits: N

Hourly Rate: £50.00

Alison Melville


CW12 2EL
01260 277520
07866 631615

About me: I became interested in Shiatsu after receiving treatments for an old whiplash injury. I began to feel a sense of ease and understanding of my own body and wanted to know more. I graduated from the Shiatsu College, Manchester branch in 2009. I am fully committed to continuing my professional development, undertaking many workshops by leading bodywork practitioners. In 2013, I began my Shiatsu Shin Tai journey with Kindy Kaur. Shin Tai has been developed over many years by Saul Goodman and expands on traditional Shiatsu. The emphasis is on clearing stress, restriction and stimulating the flow of life. To return motion, alignment, will and vitality in the body and mind.
I am particularly interested in the relationship between body and mind. Learning how to feel comfortable in our own body/mind. I see Shiatsu Shin Tai as a practice to enable us to get in touch with our own true self and see our own true potential.

Home visits: Y

Fran Robinson

6 North Malvern Road
WR14 4LT

About me: My style of Shiatsu is calming and nurturing, promoting well-being. By working steadily and firmly, following the rhythm of the breath, a sense of safety and deep connection can arise. This in turn assists the healing of the underlying causes of ill-health.

Although a client may come to see me with a painful shoulder or suffer from headaches, the objective of each session is to assess their unique needs and address them in a holistic manner. I will work on the whole body to affect physical and energy (Ki) patterns that may be influencing the presenting issue. This can lead to changes that have not been achieved through conventional treatment or other alternative therapies.

Home visits: N

Hourly Rate: £55.00

Anam Cara
150 Streetley Lane
Sutton Coldfield
B74 4TD

Jo Judd

15 Worcester Road
WR14 4QY

Home visits: Y

Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith


About me: I came across Shiatsu when I was looking for support through a very stressful time in my life. I was impressed by how much Shiatsu enabled me to stay calm, to summon the necessary energy to work through problems and to avoid stress related health issues. I wanted to learn more about this ancient hands-on therapy and become a Shiatsu practitioner to help others restore a sense of well being and balance within their lives. I graduated from the Manchester branch of The Shiatsu College in 2009, having completed their professional three year course and continue to attend workshops and online courses with other practitioners in Britain and throughout Europe to broaden and develop my skills.

The nourishing power of human touch cannot be underestimated. I love helping people to harness their own self-healing abilities and deepen their understanding of how their bodies work.

Home visits: N

Hourly Rate: £45.00

Paula Charnley Shiatsu Counselling Yoga

Paula Charnley
3 Wardles Passage

About me: Hi I'm Paula, I studied Shiatsu with Qing BA in Holland where I lived & worked for over 30 years.
I studied more recently with Bill Palmer in the UK, this is a Person centred Style of Shiatsu where interaction between the practitioner and receiver is valued.
I'm now based in the Staffordshire Moorlands where I run a practice where I see clients for Shiatsu and also Counselling. I run 3 weekly yoga classes in the area. Check out my website for workshops and classes

Home visits: N

Hourly Rate: £45.00

The Marjorie Centre
15 Market Street
ST14 8JA

Sarah Churcher

Lydbury North

01588 680496

About me:

I offer shiatsu treatments from my room in my garden near Lydbury north. A comfortable warm space for sessions. The sessions i offer are for you to unravel in, find support with any painful symptoms, emotional or physical. I will update more info asap into the new year.

Home visits: N