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The Shiatsu Society is unique in that it has set and maintains the standards for training and professional practice of Shiatsu in the UK. MrSS is recognised as the ‘gold standard’ for Shiatsu practitioners, and those on our Register benefit from things like automatic eligibility to join an Accredited Register such as the CNHC (approved by the Professional Standards Authority), and exemption from needing a licence to practice from commercial premises in the London Boroughs.

We focus on our Members

As a professional organisation our focus is on our members, our interests and our specific standards. In contrast, the role of an Accredited Register is to protect the public. They provide the public (and public bodies such as medical authorities) with the assurance that a practitioner on their Register is of a professional standard. But it is the Shiatsu Society which guarantees that professional standard through our procedures, such as the ratification of Shiatsu Schools, which create access to MrSS. Accredited Registers recognise the Shiatsu Society as the organisation which provides quality assurance on standards of training and practice in Shiatsu.
Marketing organisations do good work in promoting Shiatsu and other therapies for people who sign up to their registers. But they cannot guarantee standards of professional practice. Most of these organisations require people who join to be a member of the professional association for the therapy they practice. So they also rely on the Shiatsu Society to provide quality assurance.

Shiatsu Specialist

 Our Society stands at the heart of Shiatsu. We are the specialist organisation, where other bodies generally promote multiple therapies. Our Register, which is a single Register despite there now being three membership categories, is the springboard from which we can jump up onto an Accredited Register to promote ourselves, or out to a marketing company. In terms of frameworks, we stand at the centre and other organisations and authorities depend upon the Shiatsu Society’s holding and maintenance of those standards which we, as practitioners ourselves, know are appropriate to the professional practice of Shiatsu.


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  • 2nd/3rd Year Students and Registered members (MrSS, SrSS and FwSS) have insurance automatically provided by the Shiatsu Society*
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  • Access to our closed Facebook group, enabling you to network and recieve peer advice on everything Shiatsu. 

  • Access to our resource library with research and toolkits to help you in your Shiatsu practice 

  • Recieve discounts on books with Singing Dragon and Elsevier publishers

  • Discounts on Futon Pacifika products

  • Access to discounts from CPD course providers*

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Dependent on the type of membership you are applying for and the school you completed your training at, we also may require further information about your qualifications and professional experience. If required, the team will inform you if this and the next steps.