Shiatsu Society (UK)

About Us

The Shiatsu Society sets and maintains the standards for training and professional practice of Shiatsu in the UK. MrSS is recognised as the ‘gold standard’ for UK Shiatsu practitioners.

We provide our members with a wide range of services to support and facilitate their practice. We also act for the Shiatsu profession as a whole. We are committed to the spirit and ethos of Shiatsu and the development of integrated and accessible health care. The nature and purpose of the Shiatsu Society has always been to promote and facilitate communication between our members and to educate the public about Shiatsu. Our aim is to link all those with an interest in Shiatsu, regardless of philosophy, level of knowledge, approach or style of practice.

Aims of the Shiatsu Society (UK) 

We are working towards uniting the Shiatsu community in the UK so that the benefits of Shiatsu can flow to all.

Our Values:    To nurture, respect, collaborate and act with integrity.





1. Uphold and regulate the professional recognition of our Members


  • Education subcommittee continually to review and update our procedures
  • Orchestrate cross-moderation of Ratified Schools of Shiatsu
  • Develop a Level 3 / Level 4 accredited Shiatsu Diploma
  • Monitor CPD of all our Members
  • Develop additional benefits of Membership (discounts on materials & courses etc.)


2. Develop and sustain our membership

  • Seek member feedback regularly and proactively
  • Develop communication methods between members to build the Shiatsu Society community


3. Communicate proactively and effectively with members and increase awareness of Shiatsu with the public


  • Continue to build an effective digital platform for members to enhance their shiatsu practice
  • Publish a quarterly journal – Shiatsu Society Journal
  • Circulate a regular e-newsletter  
  • Develop social media platforms to increase awareness of Shiatsu and expand our network
  • Develop a support network for Grassroots Shiatsu classes throughout the UK


4. Consolidate the discipline of Shiatsu through education, research and development


  • Reinstate a commitment to research –
  • Two aims at present are –
    1. Work toward Shiatsu being part of an integrative healthcare system in the UK.
    2. Gain greater recognition of Shiatsu with Healthcare Providers (i.e. insurance providers)


5. Partner with people, organisations and community


  • Seek opportunities to collaborate locally, nationally and internationally
  • Make links with other Shiatsu Associations worldwide to share information and resources
  • Source funding for research
  • Develop communication and recognition of the Shiatsu Society with other healthcare organisations such as Arthritis UK etc.


6. Maintain an effective, sustainable and supportive organisation


  • Respond to membership needs
  • Retain accountable, supported and satisfied staff
  • Implement and maintain appropriate IT systems in line with technological development


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