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Debbie Collins

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Debbie Collins
Practitioner Status
Shiatsu School
The Shiatsu College (London)
Other school(s) trained at

The Shiatsu College Norwich
Iokai School, Amsterdam

Home visits
Specialise in

multiple sclerosis
drug & alcohol recovery
psychological and emotional issues
short-term and long-term trauma including childhood issues
pregnancy & postpartum care for parents and babies
children & adolescents

About me

I have been practicing Shiatsu since 1997.  I love working with Shiatsu and energy, as much for the benefits that I gain from it and how it enhances my life. I’m particularly enthusiastic about:

  • making Shiatsu and energy work as accessible to as many people as possible – this includes demystifying the presentation of the material without sacrificing depth and profundity.
  • Integrated Medicine - how a combination between Eastern and Western medicine can be greater than the sum of its parts and how this is heightened further the more collaboration and communication there is between the two.

I work in a range of settings:

The Shiatsu College  -  Principal of the Brighton branch of the College, I enjoy teaching at all levels from beginners through to teacher training.

Brighton Shiatsu Centre  -   established in 1998, we now have three practitioners working throughout the week, offering Shiatsu for a whole range of conditions

BrightonEnergyWorks  -   weekly Qigong classes and incidental workshops covering aspects of Energy Work.

Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Centre  -   Clinic for people with MS and other chronic conditions. Treatment is also offered to carers, to ensure that everyone’s needs are supported.

The Happy Cell  -   Complementary therapy centre in Hove

If you would like to find out more about accessing treatment or would like to book an appointment please phone me on 07974 055 709 or click here to email.



I started studying massage and Tai Chi in 1984 whilst still as student in Leeds. This combinations led quite naturally to Shiatsu, so I started by studies in 1987. My studies sinces then have included:

The Shiatsu College Norwich – studying with Cliff Andrews

Iokai Shiatsu School, Amsterdam – studying with Peter den Dekker and Elouis Sewell

The Shiatsu College London – studying with Carola Beresford-Cooke, Nicola Pooley, Sara Hooley and Nick Pole. Graduated 1997

Qigong studies with Paul Lundberg

Taijiwuxigong studies with Hilary Thompson



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55a Grantham Road
Brighton BN16EF
United Kingdom
Sussex MS Treatment Centre
Southwick, WSX BN42 4AB
United Kingdom
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