Shiatsu Healing helps raise £3,000 for the Samaritans

Shiatsu Healing

Therapy practice Shiatsu Healing was proud to take part in Samaritans’ Feel Good Friday event this year, and together with other therapists helped raise almost £3,000 for Samaritans. For the second year running, WebHealer supported Samaritans’ annual fundraising initiative by encouraging and helping therapists such as Shiatsu Healing to get involved in the fundraising day.

Over 150 therapists across the UK took part in Feel Good Friday last February by donating a proportion of their treatment costs to Samaritans.

Busy London MEP is a fan of Shiatsu

Helen Salisbury

London MEP Marina Yannakoudakis is one of the growing number of converts to Shiatsu.

She says the therapy helps her relax after a busy time in Strasbourg and Brussels – although she initially sought treatment to deal with a back problem.

Marina, one of the Three Conservative MEPs for London, sits on the European Parliament’s Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality and the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.

Marina first experienced Shiatsu a few years ago for a back problem.

Shiatsu may have helped triplet mum conceive

 (caption) Triplets Mavie, Ettia and Woody who were conceived after their parents received Shiatsu treatments

Hannah Philips has just given birth to triplets – and believes Shiatsu may have helped her and her partner Paul Miller with the conception, as well as alleviating her morning sickness.

Hannah, who’s 38, and lives in Devon conceived Woody, Mavie and Ettia just three days after both she and Paul had Shiatsu treatments, and they feel that Shiatsu had a positive influence in enabling her to become pregnant.

Midwives learn Shiatsu to help mums in labour

Shiatsu practitioner Justine Sipprell with Catherine Moore, Felix and Tabitha

The latest course aimed at enabling midwives to use Shiatsu techniques to help mums in labour has been enthusiastically received by nursing staff in Sussex – who also appreciate the
added bonus that it can help them reduce the stress of their jobs.

Shiatsu practitioner Justine Sipprell has just run a training course at The Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton for midwives who chose to spend some of their budget on expanding their
knowledge of alternative therapies in childbirth, and is lined up for another at The Princess Royal in Haywards Heath.

Shiatsu can help dads play a vital part in childbirth

Nina, Vern, baby Jude and Rose who all benefited from Shiatsu during and after Nina’s pregnancy.

Although fathers are far more involved in pregnancy and childbirth than they were in the pre 1960s era of pacing up and down outside the labour ward, there is still a danger that they can be sidelined and feel left out of the whole process.

Bristol mum Nina Edmonds found a way to help her husband Vern feel closer to their unborn children while she was pregnant as well as enabling her to feel more in control and aware of what was going on in her body. She gave birth to their second baby, Jude, the day before the royal wedding and their daughter Rose has just turned two.


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