Meridianos Tradicionales (Traditional Meridians) - Summer SALE!

Meridianos Tradicionales (Traditional Meridians)
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Amigos Del Shiatsu

Charo Calleja Cano & Luis Bronchalo Casado

The Amigos Del Shiatsu School in Madrid has produced a meridian book showing several detailed and different views of each meridian.

The coloured pages show each meridian (with points) in it's classical location amid relevant muscles and bones. So far, so useful. But - and here is the genius bit - each is interleaved with a tracing paper page on which are shown the Zen Shiatsu extensions. You can see the anatomical location of the classical meridians, the Zen extensions and the relationship between both.

A Spanish book with a brief translation sheet.

The book contains 64 pages and is available for £20.00 plus p&p.

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