The Healing Touch

The Healing Touch

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In this DVD Sonia Moriceau introduces the viewer to her unique and powerful healing touch approach, based on her 20 years of teaching Healing-Shiatsu. The foundation of all her work lies in the cultivation of loving kindness and mindfulness.

This is clearly demonstrated throughout the video with humour and inspiration. The sections on Healing-Shiatsu are very comprehensive, they include:

The basic Healing-Shiatsu principles Hara Ampuku Hara Diagnosis Working on the Meridians Transitions The neck How to become your own master with no reliance on a system, a style or school The whole video was filmed in a workshop situation and so has the genuine and spontaneous feel of live interaction with students. The viewer is transported into the heart of Sonia's teachings where her warmth and humour are a clear expression of her own meditation practice.


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