Haramaki by Ukiyo-Go

Haramaki by Ukiyo-Go

Supplied by Ukiyo-go

Available in 3 sizes:

Ladies:  Small (8-10: 26" waist)
             (Sorry - sold out of medium)
              Large (14-16: 30" waist).
Men:      Large - 30" waist

Colours: Black/Navy/Sea Green/Red/White/Chocolate/Pink


Price: £17.59

So, what is a Haramaki? Roughly translated it's a kidney warmer. The Haramaki originated in Japan in the 16th century where it was worn by the Samurai under their armour as additional protection for the stomach and kidneys. Five centuries on, the Haramaki is still worn and appreciated in Japan for its health promoting properties. The modern Haramaki is formed from an insulating, tubular band of soft, stretchy fabric which is worn next to the skin, covering the kidneys to maintain the body's core warmth.

A health-promoting Haramaki can help to:

Maintain core warmth
Boost blood circulation
Soothe common abdominal ailments
Ease back aches and pains
Support and comfort
... and it is so much easier to carry around than a bulky spare jumper!

Your Ukiyo-Go Haramaki is a handmade garment. Made from a soft natural cotton viscose fabric with 5% lycra. Warm, breathable and lightweight, which helps to insulate and regulate body temperature. Handmade in the UK especially for you. 

How to wear: Next to the skin, insulating your kidneys
How to wash: Made from breathable cotton viscose fabric. Machine wash at 40o


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