The Four Dragons


The Four Dragons
​Clearing the Meridians and Awakening the Spine in Nei Gong
​By Damo Mitchell
2014.  256pp.  RRP £17.99

Price: £17.99

Within the context of a larger discussion of Dao Yin, Damo teaches and explains the Dragon Dao Yin exercises, a set of four short sequences designed to work with the subtle energies of the spine and lead pathogenic energies out of the body.  More yang in nature than Qi Gong, Dao Yin focuses on outwards movements and strong internal cleansing. The book highlights this important distinction and covers the theory, history and development of Dao Yin exercise, as well as the relationship between Chinese medical theory and Dao Yin training. One chapter is devoted to problems related to stagnant and the flow of Qi, and explains the different causes and forms of stagnation. Later chapters look at breathing patterns and the extension of Yi, opening the joints and rotating the bones and spine. For the first time in english, the Dragon exercises - awakening, swimming, soaring and drunken are all described in detail, with photographs and step-by-step instructions on each of the exercises as individual therapuetic exercises and as a form.


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