Handbook of Clinical Massage

Handbook of Clinical Massage

By Mario-Paul Cassar
ISBN: 0 4430 7349 X
December 2003
Paperback: 352 pages / 40 ills.

Price: £35.99

This book gives a comprehensive introduction to massage techniques and offers guidelines on the assessment of each body region prior to massage (including the symptoms and signs relating to pathology).

Well researched and evidence-based, the book takes a unique medical approach describing applied massage techniques for common conditions and their utilization as an adjunct to both conventional and complementary treatments. Generously illustrated with black and white photographs to show how to do the techniques. Additional line drawings illustrate correct postural techniques for the practitioner. Instruction is also given on supplementary techniques for the physically impaired patient.

Handbook of Massage Therapy 2nd edition is aimed at all practitioners and students who practice the various disciplines of physical therapy. It provides the student with a comprehensive introduction to massage therapy whilst being of equal value to the practitioner, presenting theoretical information based on clinical experience and research material.


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