Shiatsu and Healthcare Professionals

Practitioners estimate that demand for complementary therapies has increased by up to 30% in the last ten years. Figures suggest that as many as one third of people in the United Kingdom have tried at least one form of complementary therapy, usually for a problem that Western medicine finds hard to cure, such as backache, arthritis, or migraine. It is currently estimated that three in ten Health Authorities in Britain offer an alternative therapy to patients, and about half of GPs provide access to some form of complementary therapy.

Bridging the Gap

The Shiatsu Society is keen to bridge the gap between Shiatsu practitioners and the Western medical community. We believe that combining our strengths can benefit patients and reduce costs for the National Health Service (NHS). Systems of integrated medicine are well-established in China, the USA and many other countries. In the United Kingdom some Shiatsu Society members already work within the NHS and integrated clinics.

We can help you make informed decisions about integrating Shiatsu into your treatment plans by providing you with:

  • The latest evidence-based clinical research into the efficacy of Shiatsu and the social and economic cost benefits of using Shiatsu to treat particular conditions.
  • Accurate information about Shiatsu for you and your patients.
  • A guarantee that all Shiatsu Society practitioners have expert practice skills maintained by mandatory continuing professional development.
  • An assurance of best practice as laid down in our Code of Safe Practice and Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Details of Shiatsu Society registered practitioners in your area.

Find out More

If you would like to know more about working with Shiatsu practitioners and the Shiatsu Society please contact us.